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        Hospital Decon Site Survey
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        Hospital Decon Site Survey

        The?Hospital Decon Site Survey?is a cost-effective on-site evaluation of a hospital’s current level of decontamination preparedness. The Decon Site Survey makes appropriate recommendations in order to maximize employee safety, prepare for decontamination-related incidences, and meet regulatory requirements. Recommendations are based on practical activities, published lessons learned, national standards, and anticipated return on investment.


        The survey includes an on-site visit to inventory and inspect all decontamination equipment, personal protective gear and related supplies; review your Decontamination and Respiratory Protection Programs; and assess the designated emergency decontamination area.

        We will provide you with a formal report to help channel your hospital through the findings and provide guidance on implementing and enhancing your hospital’s emergency decontamination efforts.


        The Hospital Decon Site Survey process accomplishes the following tasks:

        • Analyze existing decontamination plan and supporting policies and procedures
        • Review training records and after action reports of recent drills to ensure compliance and completion of corrective measures
        • Ensure planning and preparedness efforts are consistent with hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA), are in compliance with OSHA and hospital accreditation requirements, and are aligned with community expectations and activities
        • Assess the designated decon area emphasizing the availability of utilities, storage, equipment and supplies, patient privacy, and patient/traffic flow patterns
        • Inspect and inventory all decontamination equipment, personal protective gear, and support supplies
        • Facilitate a forum with hospital leaders to establish readiness objectives, discuss perceived strengths and weaknesses, and to obtain buy-in from stakeholders