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        Operations Level Decontamination Training
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        Operations Level Decontamination Training

        The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires hospitals to provide First Responder Operations Level Decontamination Training to personnel who are expected to decontaminate victims or handle them before they are thoroughly decontaminated. This includes staff designated to provide treatment, triage, decontamination, and other related services as well as personnel who may reasonably be expected to come in contact with those individuals arriving at the hospital.

        This comprehensive Operations Level Decontamination Training program prepares hospital staff to quickly and efficiently recognize, receive, and manage exposed and contaminated patients.

        In an effort to maintain your decontamination capability levels throughout the year, this training course also includes one year of the What’s NextTM Decontamination Sustainment Program.


        The Operations Level Decontamination Training Program combines lecture, case studies, facilitated discussion, and hands-on skill training to educate and prepare attendees to respond appropriately to the many nuances associated with an emergency decontamination operation.

        Discussion includes: incident command, information gathering, team work, staff support, equipment utilization and program sustainment. DQE will assist the hospital in qualifying for continuing education credits and will provide all necessary documentation to certify attendees in accordance with OSHA.

        Duration: 1 or 2 days (based on class size), 8 hours/day

        Class Size: 6 – 25

        Class Location: On site at the client hospital


        The Operations Level Decontamination Training includes:

        • Hospital HazMat Orientation – The first 1 1/2 hours of the course provides a general understanding of the community HazMat risks and the basics of your facility’s new capabilities. This orientation is designed for a broader audience within the hospital and is provided free of charge for an unlimited number of attendees at your facility.
        • Introduction of an Emergency Decontamination Operation Plan, Standard Operating Guidelines Job Action Sheets, and practical use of the DQE Reference Manual with simulated contamination exercises
        • Hands-on skills including:
          • Set up of decontamination area and equipment
          • Donning and doffing personal protective clothing and respirators
          • Proper decontamination procedures for ambulatory, semi- and non-ambulatory patients
          • Inspection procedures for decontamination and personal protective equipment
          • Proper equipment storage
          • Practice implementing an Emergency Decontamination Operation
          • Review triage techniques for single and multiple patient casualties
        • Personal critique and assessment of each participant with evaluation form provided to be used for certification of training to the First Responder Operation Level
        • Multiple facilitated drills concluding with a formalized emergency decontamination exercise
        • Use of DQE-On-Demand? internet-based decontamination training for sustaining the skills of your Decon Team throughout the year


        This training course also includes one free year of the What’s Next Decontamination Sustainment Program and a subscription to DQE-on-Demand? Hospital Decon Internet Training to support the ongoing instructional needs of the Decon Team.